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Road Signs on My Journey Through Cancer

Road Signs on My Journey Through Cancer The last five years, my journey through Leukemia has reminded me of several road signs you see on the side of the road. My life came to a screeching “STOP” when on January 19, 2008 I was bleeding out my throat and given 24 hours to live.  This is was the day I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Philadelphia Chromosome Positive. This “DETOUR” in my life came as a sudden surprise.  My life as I knew it – a full time mother, career woman, housewife and philanthropist came to an end.  Just days before, I was kickboxing at the gym.  Now I was lying in a hospital bed wondering if today was going to be my last day and if I would... Read More >

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Signs By Bridget Ryan

Signs By: Bridget Ryan

The road was set, she knew the next turn. Everything was going according to plan. Then there was a sign, “Detour.” She had not made time for this; it was not in her plan. This meant complications, the unknown. What would happen on this new road? Where would it lead her?

Hope sprang when she worked out a new plan. Everything would be fine if she just followed the detour and got back to where she had started. But she looked around to find that the road was gone, she looked ahead and saw the next sign, “Rough Road.”

If everything was going to change, the least they could do was give her a smooth track, but no. So fine, she’d go... Read More >

Coping Through Creative Writing

Fear can be one of cancer’s most debilitating side effects. Sparing no patient, survivor, or caregiver, it is also the most common. Medical professionals, faith, and loved ones can help you manage anxiety. So can expressive writing: your imagination, which generates your fears, can be used as a tool to help overcome them. By putting your experience into narrative form, you can begin to make sense of it. Moving beyond venting to create a story—either autobiographical or fictional—that incorporates vivid imagery can bring you closer to your emotions. Creative expression as a healing mechanism doesn’t require talent. All it takes is a computer or pen and paper, and a... Read More >


Targeted Innovation: The Skin and Sarcoma Division


We work as a multidisciplinary team from diagnosis through surgery and any further medical oncological treatments. Members of the team include orthopedic oncological surgeons and other types of surgeons as well as specialized medical and pediatric oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, pain management physicians, rehabilitation experts, nurses, physician assistants and social workers. We provide extraordinary individualized care focused on all aspects of treatment, and work to minimize pain and side effects while restoring function promptly. Frequent multidisciplinary conferences are conducted to discuss individualized patient... Read More >